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【A1 Studio Membership Fee】

¥55,000(tax included)

An additional membership fee is required for the A1 Studio.

Those wishing to become a member, please contact us via email or our official LINE account.

Email Inquiry



HBC Photo Studio official LINE account.

Get announcements related to HBC Photo Studio owner, Hinako as well as information about studio promotions!!

*When making a reservation or inquiry through LINE, please begin your message with "HBC Studio Inquiry."

*Bank transfer/processing fees are to be paid by the customer.

*The receipt for your transaction will be your bank statement.

*Please review our Terms of Use before submitting payment.

We ask that you please sign and agree to our Terms of Use in advance or on the day of your reservation. We will make a copy of your photo ID.

Please pay the membership fee and proceed with the reservation process, only if you agree to the above.

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